Online Licensing

Licences and Costs

Recreational fishing licences, special walleye licence applications and undersubscribed special walleye licences are available for purchase online at or at one of more than 300 private licence issuers.

If you are under 16 years of age or an Alberta resident aged 65 or older you are not required to have a Sportfishing Licence to fish with a rod and reel; however, you must follow Alberta’s sportfishing regulations.

For information regarding Indigenous Rights and Responsibilities in regards to fishing, please visit Alberta’s website at

All anglers must have an active Wildlife Identification Number (WiN) before purchasing a recreational fishing licence or applying on a draw. WiN card activation requires a one-time $8.00 fee (plus GST). To activate, current WiN card holders are required to pay the one-time fee when their card expires. After activation, your WiN never expires and no renewals are needed!

Annual Sportfishing Licence (16-64 years)
Alberta Residents1 -  $28.00 
Non-resident Canadians2 - $60.00
Non-Residents outside of Canada - $85.00  

Annual Sportfishing Licence (under 16 years)
Alberta Residents1 -  No Licence Required 
Non-resident Canadians2 - No Licence Required
Non-Residents outside of Canada - No Licence Required 

Annual Sportfishing Licence (65 years and over)
Alberta Residents1 -  No Licence Required 
Non-resident Canadians2 - $60.00
Non-Residents outside of Canada - $85.00 

1-Day Sportfishing Licence
Alberta Residents1 -  Not Available 
Non-resident Canadians2 - $25.00
Non-Residents outside of Canada - $26.63 

7-Day Sportfishing Licence
Alberta Residents1 -  Not Available 
Non-resident Canadians2 - $41.00
Non-Residents outside of Canada - $55.00

Special Walleye Licence Applications
Alberta Residents1 -  $3.35 
Non-resident Canadians2 - Not Available
Non-Residents outside of Canada - Not Available

Special Walleye Harvest Licence3
Alberta Residents1 -  $11.00 
Non-resident Canadians2 - Not Available
Non-Residents outside of Canada - Not Available

1 Alberta resident is a resident of Canada and has their only or primary residence in Alberta.
2 A non-resident Canadian has their only or primary residence in Canada and is a Canadian citizen or is admitted to permanent residence in Canada and has lived in Canada for the immediately preceding 12-month period.
3 Scroll down for draw information.

Licences must be carried at all times when sportfishing and transporting fish.

The AlbertaRelm APP is the only method for which anglers can easily store and access licences electronically. Please remember that the onus is on the angler to produce the electronic or paper licence when requested by an officer during field compliance checks.

If a person is convicted of a provincial fishing or hunting offence and fails to pay their fine, they will be suspended from purchasing or using a sportfishing licence, a hunting licence or applying on draws until that outstanding fine has been paid.

How are the Sportfishing Licensing fees used? Over 270,000 Sportfishing licences were sold in 2021 generating over $8.5 million in revenue. For each $1 of revenue collected:

  • $0.61 is distributed to the Alberta Conservation Association. For more information on how funds are used to support Fisheries programs, please visit
  • $0.34 is used for licensing allocation and administration providing compensation to the Service Provider and the network of private Licence Issuers as well as provides funds for programs to monitor fish populations. For more information, visit
  • $0.05 goes to Government of Alberta General Revenue Fund.

Lost/destroyed licences – all purchased licences can be reprinted either at a licence issuer for a $2.00 fee or online at no charge.
Lost/destroyed tags – Tags that are lost or stolen can now be replaced at a licence issuer for a $11.00 replacement fee. 

Draws for Special Walleye Licences

For more information about Special Walleye Draws, go to and

Alberta uses an innovative approach to allow a sustainable level of harvest of walleye from lakes that have recovered from major declines. Several fisheries have recovered to the point where a limited harvest of specific sizes of walleye can be allocated. Recognizing the need to conserve fisheries, where fishing pressure is substantial, a limited harvest option has been developed. A special licence is available for walleye to Albertans selected through a draw at specified lakes.These lakes are selected based on current stock assessment and sport fishery information.

Notice to Anglers
At the time of printing this document, the lakes identified are open for the current season under a Special Licence Draw. Alberta Environment and Parks reserves the right to close any lake if it is deemed that a fish stock can not sustain itself or sustain a harvest. For example, if a lake is at risk of winterkill, AEP will implement a zero harvest regulation. If you have any questions regarding this statement, contact Fish and Wildlife Policy Branch by email at

Tagging instructions
All walleye harvested with a Special Harvest Licence must be immediately tagged as per regulations.  


● Special Walleye Licence’s are to be used only by the licence holder.
● No party fishing; only the licence holder can catch, retain, and tag fish.
● See exemption above regarding youth anglers ability to harvest a supervising adults SHL tags. 

2022 DRAWS

March 29 - April 21, 2022
Draw applications may be purchased for $3.35 (plus GST) online at or at licence issuers.

May 5, 2022 
Draw results may be viewed online at

May 5, 2022 
Special Walleye Licence may be purchased for $11.00 (plus GST) online at and at licence issuers.

May 5, 2022 
Undersubscribed Licence information available online at
May 5, 2022 
UIf not drawn, a undersubscribed licence (Class A or B) or a Class C licence can be purchased for $11.00 (plus GST) online at or at licence issuers.  

DRAW RULES including types of Special Walleye Licences  

Type of Special Walleye Licence Draws Available: 

Class A (2 walleye over 50)
Class B (2 walleye 43-50 cm)

Restrictions on Applying for these Draws: 
● An Alberta resident may apply for both draws but will only be drawn in one.
● Draws will be conducted in the following order: Class A, Class B.
● Applicants drawn will be eliminated from subsequent draws. Applicants NOT drawn will be issued a priority point. This increases the chance of being drawn in future draws.  

● Your application for either Class A or Class B can include your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of lake.
● Up to 4 applicants can apply as a group.
● The priority of a group application is based on the individual with the lowest priority.
● Please visit for more detailed information on what opportunities are available including statistics on previous draws.

Only one SHL licence can be purchased per year, whether through the draw process, purchasing an undersubscribed licence or purchasing a Class C licence.

Starting in 2022-23, Class C walleye licenses can be purchased on a first-come first-served basis, after licence information is available online at

All applicants require a Wildlife Identification Number (WiN). A WiN card can be purchased online at and at any licence issuer.

If you only want to increase your draw priority, choose priority only (999) as your first and only choice.

You can view last years Special Licence Draw Summary Report. This provides statistics on the number of applications, licences available, and your chances of being drawn. Visit

If there are not enough draw applicants to fill the Class A and Class B Special Walleye Licence quotas, the undersubscribed licences are made available to eligible Alberta resident anglers to purchase on a first-come first-served basis.

Undersubscribed licences become available for purchase May 5, 2022.

Draw priorities are not affected by purchasing an undersubscribed licence.

Harvest tags and wires can be ordered online at or picked up at your local Fish and Wildlife office.