Put & Take Trout Stocking Program

The following list of lakes, reservoirs and ponds are managed as Put-and-Take trout fisheries. These are stocked frequently with catchable-sized trout. The regulations follow Maximum Possession limits and are listed in the table below.

Stocking can vary from year to year. Please check MyWildAlberta Fish Stocking Lists for up to date information.   

Provincial Regulations for Put and Take Stocked Lakes
● OPEN all year
● Bait is allowed
● 5 trout of any size
● 3 Northern Pike of any size
● 15 Yellow Perch of any size
● For other species, see Maximum Possession Limits.  

Some stocked waterbodies are managed as Quality Stocked Fisheries and have specific regulations. These waterbodies are listed in the Watershed Units’ regulation tables.  

Eastern Slopes Zone - Watershed Unit ES1

Allison Lake (SW 27-8-5-W5)
Bathing Lake (SE 11-4-1-W5)
Beauvais Lake (SW 29-5-1-W5)
Beaver Mines Lake (NE 11-5-3-W5)
Burmis Lake (SE 14-7-3-W5)
Burn’s Reservoir (NE 23-6-30-W4)
Butcher’s Lake (NW 15-4-1-W5)
Chain Lakes Reservoir (NE 4-15-2-W5)
Coleman Fish And Game Pond (SW 24-8-5-W5)
Cottonwood Lake (SE 16-7-29-W4)
Crossfield Trout Pond (SE 27-28-1-W5)
Dewitt’s Pond (SE 31-26-1-W5)
Emerald Lake (SE 8-8-5-W5)
Granum Pond (NW 31-10-26-W4)  

Grotto Mountain Pond (NW 21-24-9-W5)
Hogarth Lakes (SE 21-21-10-W5)
Island Lake (SE 12-8-6-W5)
Lees Lake (SW 8-7-2-W5)
Margaret Lake (NW 15-28-9-W5)
Mclean Pond (NW 20-22-5-W5)
Mitford Ponds (SE 4-26-4-W5)
Nose Creek Pond (NE 1-27-1-W5)
Payne Lake (NE 10-2-28-W4)
Sibbald Lake (NE 14-24-7-W5)
Sibbald Meadows Pond (SW 20-24-7-W5)
Talus Lake (SE 25-20-8-W5)
Tim Horton Children’s Pond (NW14-24-8-W5) 

Eastern Slopes Zone - Watershed Unit ES2

Alford Lake (SW 4-36-8-W5)
Brazeau Borrow Pit #1 (SE 32-45-10-W5)
Brazeau Borrow Pit #2 (SW 2-46-11-W5)
Camp 9 Trout Pond (NE 32-44-8-W5)
Dickson Trout Pond (NW 13-35-3-W5)
Elk Creek Pond (NW 33-35-12-W5)
Goldeye Lake (NE 14-40-16-W5)
Harleck Pond (SE 5-41-14-W5)
Mitchell Lake (NE 25-37-8-W5)
Nordegg Borrow Pit (East) (SE 32-40-15-W5)
Nordegg Borrow Pit (West) (SW 32-40-15-W5) 

Peppers Lake (NW 30-35-12-W5)
Phyllis Lake (NW 17-36-7-W5)
Rat Lake (SW 11-38-9-W5)
Rocky Children’s Pond (SW 33-39-7-W5)
Shunda (Fish) Lake (SW 19-40-15-W5)
Strubel Lake (SW 30-37-7-W5)
Tay Lake (SW 5-36-8-W5)
Twin Lakes (SW 6-40-7-W5)
Winchell Lake (NW 2-29-5-W5)
Yellowhead Lake (SW 33-34-6-W5)  

Eastern Slopes Zone - Watershed Unit ES3

Dandurand Lake (NE 9-53-19-W5)
Dunn Lake (NW 7-54-25-W5)
Emerald Lake (SW 5-62-11-W5)
Emerson Lakes (NW 6-55-21-W5)
Fairfax Lake (NW 17-46-18-W5)
Hinton F & G Pond (SW 28-50-25-W5)
Jarvis Creek Pond (NE 19-52-26-W5)
Kinky Lake (SE 6-50-26-W5)
Lambert Pond (NW 8-53-17-W5)
Lower Wildhorse Lake (SW 31-49-26-W5)
Mary Gregg Lake (NW 4-48-24-W5)  

Mayan Lake (NW 5-57-23-W5)
Mcleod Lake (SE 25-61-12-W5)
Niton Lake (SE 32-53-12-W5)
Obed Lake (NE 11-53-22-W5)
Petite Lake (NW 12-54-26-W5)
South Sundance Lake (SE 1-55-21-W5)
Trapper Lake (SE 19-58-16-W5)
Upper Wildhorse Lake (SW 31-49-26-W5)
Whitecourt Town Pond (NE 35-59-12-W5)
Wildwood Pond (SW 30-53-9-W5)
Wolf Creek Pond (SW 13-53-16-W5) 

Eastern Slopes Zone - Watershed Unit ES4

East Dollar Lake (NW 8-73-21-W5)
Fox Creek Trout Pond (NW 13-63-20-W5)
Grande Cache Lake (NE 1-57-8-W6)
Highway 40 Pond (SW 12-69-6-W6)
Kakut Lake (SW 34-76-4-W6)
Muskoseepi Pond (SE 26-71-6-W6)
Pierre Greys Lake (Lower) (NW 6-57-4-W6)
PIerre Greys Lake (Upper) (SW 7-57-4-W6)  

Spring Lake (NE 23-75-11-W6)
Swan Lake (SW 18-70-25-W5)
Two Lakes (NE 20-62-12-W6)
Two Lakes (NE7-62-12-W6)
Valleyview Children’s Pond (NE 21-70-22-W6)
Victor Lake (SE 35-56-8-W5)
West Dollar Lake (SE 18-73-21-W5) 

Parkland Prairie Zone - Watershed Unit PP1

Bow City East Ponds (NE 15-17-17-W4)
Brooks Aquaduct Pond (NE 15-18-14-W4)
Cavan Lake (SW 30-11-3-W4)
Echo Dale Regional Park Pond (SE 5-13-6-W4)
Emerson Lake (SW 5-19-28-W4)
Enchant Pond (NW 8-14-18-W4)
Foremost Reservoir (NW 17-6-11-W4)
Goldspring Park Pond (NE 6-2-15-W4)
Keenex Trout Pond (NW 10-11-24-W4)  

Magrath Childrens Pond (SW 26-5-22-W4)
Mcquillan Reservoir (SW 13-8-19-W4)
Nicholas Sheran Park Pond (SE 26-8-22-W4)
Riverstone Pond (SW 24-8-22-W4)
Spring Coulee Park Pond (NE 12-5-24-W4)
Stirling Children’s Pond (SW 29-6-19-W4)
Strathmore Children’s Pond (SW 14-24-25-W4)
Taber Trout Pond (NW 1-10-17-W4) 

Parkland Prairie Zone - Watershed Unit PP2

Acadia Valley Reservoir (SW 5-25-2-W4)
Anderson Dam (SW 25-28-21-W4)
Ashland Reservoir (NW 17-48-3-W5)
Bashaw Pond (SE 4-42-21-W4)
Beaumont Pond (NW 27-50-24-W4)
Black Nugget Mine Pit (NW 11-49-18-W4)
Boulder Lake (NE 18-39-27-W4)
Bud Miller Park Pond (NE 26-49-1-W4)
By The Lake Park (SW 22-46-24-W4)
Captain Eyre Lake (NW 30-38-5-W4)
Cardiff Park Pond (SW 24-55-25-W4)
Castaway Trout Pond (NE 35-47-13-W4)
Castor Eastside Trout Pond (SE 34-37-14-W4)
Chickakoo Lake (SW 34-53-1-W5)
Cipperley’s Reservoir (SW 8-32-1-W5)
Claude N. Brennan Memorial Pond (NE 36-50-7-W4)
Coronation Reservoir (SW 24-36-11-W4)
Daysland Pond (NE 9-45-16-W4)
Dillberry Lake (NE 36-41-1-W4)
Diplomat Mine Pond (NW 1-41-16-W4)
East Pit Lake (SE 23-53-4-W5)
East Stormwater Pond (SE 29-40-26-W4)
Fyten Reservoir (NW 4-30-24-W4)
Genesee Trout Pond (NW 1-51-3-W5)
Gibbons Pond (NE 10-56-23-W4)
Gooseberry Park Pond (NE 22-36-6-W4)
Hansen’s Reservoir (SW 29-38-3-W5)
Hasse Lake (SW 13-52-2-W5)
Helmer Reservoir (SW 18-31-14-W4)
Heritage Lake (NW 33-55-25-W4)
Hermitage Park Pond (NE18-53-23-W4)
Hiller’s Reservoir (SE 13-32-29-W4)
Huber Reservoir (SW 36-37-13-W4)
Innisfree Trout Pond (SE 13-51-12-W4)
Irma Fish And Game Pond (SW 34-45-9-W4)
Jack Fish Lake (NW 20-53-9-W4)
Kraft Wimborne Pond (SE 28-33-26-W4)   

Lamont Pond (SW 27-55-19-W4)
Leduc Reservoir (NE 27-49-25-W4)
Len Thompson Pond (NW 29-40-26-W4)
Lougheed Trout Pond (NE 33-43-11-W4)
Mclaren’s Reservoir (SW 23-33-18-W4)
Michichi Reservoir (SW 19-30-18-W4)
Midway Reservoir (SE 16-30-27-W4)
Mirror Reservoir (SW 29-40-22-W4)
Mitchell Pond (NW 18-38-27-W4)
Morinville Fish And Game Pond (NW 4-56-25-W4)
Mound Red Reservoir (NW 11-45-28-W4)
Niemela Reservoir (SE 1-39-3-W5)
Nuggent Pond (SE 14-44-3-W5)
Open Ck Reservoir (25-42-6-W5)
Oyen (Concrete Plant) Pond (NW 34-27-4-W4)
Oyen Reservoir (NE 33-30-4-W4)
Parlby Reservoir (NE 25-40-24-W4)
Pleasure Island Reservoir (SW 20-46-19-W4)
Ponoka Centennial Park Pond (NE 5-43-25-W4)
Salter’s Lake (SW 26-54-2-W5)
Sardine Lake (SW 5-49-4-W5)
Sauer Lake (NE 28-53-1-W5)
Severn Creek Reservoir (NW 12-26-22-W4)
Shuster Lake (NE 26-43-5-W4)
Spring Lake (SW 30-52-1-W5)
Star Lake (NE 19-52-2-W5)
Telegraph Park Pond (NW 32-48-21-W4)
Two Hills Pond (SW 32-54-12-W4)
Vegreville Children’s Pond (NW 17-52-14-W4)
Vegreville Trout Pond (SW 7-52-14-W4)
Wallace Park Pond (NE 31-44-6-W4)
West Rivers Edge Pond (NE 23-54-23-W4)
Wetaskiwin Pond (NE 24-46-24-W4)
Windsor Lake (SW 10-42-22-W4)
Kramer Pond (SW 25-45-6-W5)
 Lacombe Park Pond (NW 5-54-25-W4) 

Northern Boreal Zone - Watershed Unit NB1

Ardmore Community Pond (NW 1-62-4-W4)
Bellis Beach Lake (SE 15-59-15-W4)
Bonnyville Town Pond (NW 7-61-5-W4)
Boyle Pond (NE 16-64-19-W4)
Chatwin Lake (NE 4-61-6-W4)
Elk Point Pond (NW 36-56-7-W4)
Lac Delorme (SE 5-57-8-W4)
Lara Fish Pond (NE 25-61-5-W4)  

Legal Reservoir (NW 24-57-25-W4)
Little Bear Lake (NW 19-64-2-W4)
Mile 07 Lake (NE 35-69-14-W4)
Radway Fish Pond (SE 31-58-20-W4)
Rainbow Park Pond (NE 31-59-25-W4)
Shemeluk Lake (SW 25-60-17-W4)
St. Paul Fish Pond (SE 9-58-9-W4)  

Northern Boreal Zone - Watershed Unit NB2

Atlantic Richfield Reservoir (NE 29-67-9-W5)
Chrystina Lake (NW 8-67-8-W5)
Edith Lake (NE 13-67-10-W5)
 Horseshoe Lake (SW 31-63-25-W4)
Jane Lake (NW 11-68-8-W5)
Jessie Lake (SW 23-68-7-W5) 

Marigold Lake (NW 32-65-11-W5)
McClennan Reservoir (SW 32-77-19-W5)
Parker Lake (SE 25-70-5-W5)
Peanut Lake (NE 15-58-3-W5)
Tamarack Lake (NE 10-66-12-W5)
Tea Lakes (SW 16-67-7-W5)  

Northern Boreal Zone - Watershed Unit NB3

Cecil Thompson Pond (SW 23-83-21-W5)
Fairview College Pond (SW 34-81-3-W6)
Figure Eight Lake (NE 20-84-25-W5)
Footner Pond (SE 5-111-19-W5)
High Level Community Park Pond (SE 6-110-19-W5)
High Level Pond (SE 8-110-20-W5)
Highway 686 Pond (NE 17-85-19-W5)
La Crete Pond (SW 15-106-12-W5)
Machesis Lake (NW 27-107-16-W5)
Md Peace Pond #1 (SW 27-83-23-W5)
Md Peace Pond #2 (SW 27-83-23-W5) 

Montaganeusse Lake (NE 31-86-3-W6)
Moonshine Lake (SE 31-79-8-W6)
Nardam Lake (NE 17-78-5-W6)
Ole Lake (NW 30-84-12-W6)
Rainbow Lake Pond (NE 25-109-9-W6)
Running Lake (SW 34-88-7-W6)
Shell True North Pond (SW 10-79-8-W6)
Sulphur Lake (NW 7-89-2-W6)
Weberville Pond (NW 7-85-21-W5)
Zama Community Pond (SW 18-117-4-W6) 

Northern Boreal Zone - Watershed Unit NB4

Engstrom Lake (SE 17-83-6-W4)
Highway 63 Pond (NE 35-87-9-W4) 

Texaco East Pond (NW 15-88-8-W4)
Texaco Pond (SW 20-88-8-W4)