WMU Descriptions

WMUs shown on the enclosed map are legally described in the Wildlife Regulation (AR 143/97). The Wildlife Regulation may be viewed either at your nearest Fish and Wildlife office, online under Wildlife Regulation on the Alberta Queen’s Printer website (www.qp.alberta.ca) or purchased from The Alberta Queen’s Printer at the following address:

Alberta Queen's Printer
10611 - 98 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 427-4952
Note: The Queen’s Printer does not sell maps.


The Fur Management Zone map is provided to help you determine the zone and WMU in which you are trapping.

Provincial and Federal Maps
Provincial and federal access and topographical maps are available from various private map dealers throughout the province.

County and Other Municipal Maps
County and municipal offices provide detailed maps showing land ownership status. These maps are available for a nominal fee and are useful for learning land status and ownership.


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